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Welcome: This Moto-Blog belongs to BJ and Jo Ondo! BJ has been riding motorcycles since 1976, Jo was my co-rider from 87 to 92, then she rode her own for 7 years! As of now we ride "double up" all the time. We consider ourselves, RIDERS not BIKERS! We love being out on our Harley-Davidson, 883 Sportster, we call, "Midnight"! Riding the highways and byways that's what we live for!

Our thoughts on motorcycling: "It's enough to be on your way, it's enough just to be moving on, it's enough just to cover ground"! See YOU out on the ROAD!

Updated: November 15th., 2016.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's been a good Fall!

We've done mostly area rides over the last month or so, sadly none of the "Color Rides" like last year and no real "moto-vacations", 2016 was a hard year financially! Still we've enjoyed the nicer than usual weather in November, last Sunday we went for what we figure is our final year run up to Westcliffe, CO. and our favorite "ChillyCheeseFries" at Ranchers Roost Cafe!! It was a partly cloudy day, here in the Springs and the clouds were "heavier" than they said they'd be! :O

We headed out anyway and it got better as we headed south and west, we did our favorite run thru the Big Horn Sheep Canyon (Hwy. CO. 50 W. out of Canon City, CO.), to pick up CO. 96 N. with views of the Mountains at our west and 60 mph. sweeper two lane highway, with creeks flowing, forest's a beautiful open space for 30+ miles!  Yes, I forgot the camera again, it's hell getting OLD, LOL!! We noticed that the temps were a bit chilly at 9,000 feet but was sunny with puffy white clouds overhead. Got our favorite Root Beer and Chili Cheese Fries, with RED chili, (the Green is too HOT for us!). Ate the fest had nice conversation with the locals, then headed back down the highway and home, 75 miles later. We know winter is coming, it was nice of it to be so kind as to give us "one more" run up there! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

That time of year!

Well it's getting to that time of the year that the rides get shorter and colder, LOL. On Oct. 9th. we rode up to the "favorite motorcycle hangout", the café at Deckers, CO.  As usual there was a good crowd of all kinds of bikes, CO. Hwy. 67 from Woodland Park to Deckers is a excellent twisty road and everyone from the Sportbiker's to the Gold Winger's loves to ride and stop of lunch at the Café. The sport bikes, then head up CO. 126 over, Horsepower Hill and thru the 20mph. turns up to Pine Junction, CO. The Tourers, do the same route but at much mellower speeds and enjoy the view, the Dual Purpose/Adventure Tourer riders, take CO. 67 to CO. 105 and back to Colorado Springs as that part of CO. 67 is dirt and bit rough for street bikes! We just rode up, bought their excellent "black cherry", soft serve ice cream and then, headed back to Woodland Park, picked up, Hwy. 24 West to Lake George, CO. and then headed back to Colorado Springs. 127 miles, sunny skies and great company and roads, a very good, although short day! :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

A FUN but also SAD day!

On Sunday we headed to the yearly, High Country Toy Run, it's at a new start point and now run with the help of the City of Fountain, CO. It was a sunny and cloudy day but warm, we decided not to do the actual RUN as it's hard on my arthritic wrist to do, Parade Formation side by side riding!! We dropped off our toys, got our pins and headed to Victor and Cripple Creek for a last of the season Color Ride. We headed up Ute Pass on Hwy. 24 W. towards Woodland Park and we followed a Fire Truck, sadly a motorcycle had gone off the rode in the canyon so we were stuck on the pass for 2 hours, while rescue and a flight for life helicopter landed and took on of the riders away. As we waited the clouds came in kinda dark and heavy looking so we decided not to do a color ride, just have lunch in Woodland Park.

They finally cleared the roadway, we still don't know what caused the couple to get off the road, it was strange as there was NO news of the crash on the nightly local news!! We pray they were able to be helped and are on their way to recovery asap! We decided to get a combo burrito at Taco Bell, bummer, they don't have those in Woodland Park, the wife bought a 7 Layer Burrito, YUCK, it was really gross!! We got just reg. burritos and some hardshell taco's they we fine! :) We just didn't like the "LOOK" of the clouds so we headed back to the Springs, took a ride south on I-25 as the clouds had broken up that way, just to charge the battery, from all the "stop and go" riding up the pass! A strange day! BJ.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Well Jo and I have been riding here and there over the last month, not much distance as we have a very expensive ($500.00+) 25,000 mile service in 400 miles. We have decided to go back to being "Independent Riders" as we've found that "group riding" just doesn't work for us. Due to physical, financial problems we just don't fit in well. It's just so easy to ride alone, stop when we want, eat where we want, etc. so we bailed on the Zebulon Cruisers Meet Up Group and now we are just Lone Wolf'ing it, LOL!  Going to the Open House at Pikes Peak H-D on Sat. the 24th., look at all the machines we can't afford and get a free burger, so it's not all bad, LOL! ;) Sorry for no photo's lately, just didn't want to mess with the camera! Hope your getting in some good "Color" rides it's that time of year! BJ :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just rid'in around!

Well not much to add, we've been just riding around the area lately. We did do a area Poker Run for the EL Paso County Rescue last weekend, a good ride for a great cause. This run started out over 25 years ago as the Colorado Springs Touring Club Poker Run and the proceeds have gone to El Paso County Search and Rescue for many of those years. A beautiful day to ride, a good turn out and at the end a totally ROCK'IN band by the name of the Inman Brothers was playing the rock and roll! As usual we won NONE of the door prizes and nothing in the 50/50 drawing, LOL! We did get a bit of rain but not much so that made us happy.  Tonight we will be going to the monthly meeting for the group (Zebulon Cruisers) we belong to. Got a very expensive 25,000 mile service due in the next 800 miles so we haven't been able to do any "touring"! Oh well, that's life as they say. Hope you all got to put on some "MILES"! :)