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Our thoughts on motorcycling: "It's enough to be on your way, it's enough just to be moving on, it's enough just to cover ground"! Ride to LIVE-Live to RIDE! See YOU out on the ROAD!

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Man I really HATE winter, even if the temps are in the 60+ F's in Jan/Feb/Mar, here in Southern Colorado, the WIND is totally insane, doing it's best to blow me and the Sporty off the Highway!! Today was that kinda day, flat ass scary riding a motorcycle when the winds are gusting up to 60 mph. and you NEVER know where they are coming from!!  WHAM,  you get broadsided and counter-steer heavy the opposite way to keep from being pushed into the other traffic lane!!  Put on 100 miles on the Southern Loop but it really wasn't any real FUN!!  The only good spot was riding EAST from Penrose, CO. to Pueblo, CO. on CO. Hwy. 50, the wind was blowing so hard it basically created a "vacuum" of still air for 36 miles and let my nerves have a bit of a rest!  I hope you all are getting in some rides and aren't subjected to the Crazy Wind Spirts we have! :)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

It's "battery charge run" time again, LOL! ;)

Well it's December so it's mostly rides around the area to "charge the battery"! We don't have a garage so we keep our motorcycle in a 5x10 storage unit, close by. Of course that means we don't have anyway to plug in a "battery maintainer" so being "retired", I pick the WARMEST day of the week and put on 100 miles at speeds enough to charge the battery a bit!! Don't have heated clothing so I bundle up like the Michelin Man and RIDE! ;)

Been lucky lately as the "weekend" have been the warmer days so my wife, JoLynn can ride along, last Saturday we did what we call the "extended loop ride", heading south on I-25 to Pueblo, then west to pick up CO. Hwy. 96 heading to Wetmore, then CO. Hwy. 67 S. into Florence, CO., then CO. 115 N. back to Colorado Springs! It's just over 100 miles with lots of 60+ mph riding. :)  Stopped and took a photo of the big curve on CO. 96, just before you get to the hamlet of Wetmore.  60+ degrees and SUNNY, not bad for a December day in So, Colorado! :)

Monday, October 2, 2017

2017 High Country Toy Run

We've been riding in the area Poker Runs for a long time now, the Toy Runs used to be several are now down to just two a year. We were at the BIG one on Sunday, The High Country Toy Run! About 1000 bikes and riders brought our toys to the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum at Pikes Peak Harley-Davidson at 11 AM. and headed out with a full Police escort to downtown Colorado Springs, CO. It was finally a Sunny, warmish day on the 1st. of October, 2017 and we arrived, parked and dropped off our toys to the Marine Corps Toys For Tots trailer and headed into Cowboys Night Club for a Steak Dinner, where all the proceeds go to buy, what else, MORE TOYS!  :)  They have an auction, raffle, etc. but we are "too Poor" for those so we headed out for a short, battery charge run, heading south, then back home! A great day for a good cause! :)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Our favorite Poker Run

Come Sept. we usually get in a couple of the area's Poker/Charity Runs, our favorite it the Annual Suicide Prevention Poker Run, put on by American Legion Riders of Post #38 in Fountain CO. This run is FREE, that's right free, it starts at Fort Carson's main gate (#1) in the parking lot for the Post Museum and goes different routes around Southern CO. This year we road up to Divide, CO. for the first stop, then to down town Cripple Creek, CO. Had a bit of "adventure" riding as some of CO. 67 was kind wet dirt for a couple of miles, (our Sporty HATES dirt)!

From Evergreen Station on Teller Co. 1 we picked up Teller Co. 11 heading west, it's a beautiful twisty backroad, with great views of the lower area mountains and hills. The CO. Hwy. 9S. to CO. 50 E. to Canon City, CO. and a stop in Veterans Park. Back on 50 to 115N. back into Co. Springs and then Hwy. 85/87 into northern Fountain and the ALR Post for free food, cake and raffle and 50/50 drawings, LOL as usual our Poker Hands, SUCKED! Didn't win anything but we had a great days ride, though it was a bit CHILLY heading up to Cripple Creek, filled up the tank and headed for the barn, got home about 6PM. Hope to see you there next year!! :)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

End of the summer season riding

Well we decided to head up to one of our favorite close rides as the summer is pretty much over here in So. Colorado. We headed up to Westcliffe, CO. for our favorite "Chili-Cheese fries" and a Rootbeer! It's about 180 mile RT with some great riding thru Big Horn Sheep Canyon on CO. Hwy. 50, then north on CO. Hwy. 96, with it's awesome view of the Wet Mountains. On 96 we had the highway all to ourselves, what I call, "owning the road"!  We've had a LOT of HAZE from out of state fires so the view wasn't as grand as usual, that and it's been warm enough to melt the snow off the peaks, still is a great motorcycle road in Westcliffe! Headed back home the same way, just so we can re-ride Big Horn Sheep Canyon, as it flows right along the Arkansas River. Got to the barn and cleaned the bike a bit, we got a LOT of BUGS on this ride! We will be staying closer to home the next few months but we can dream of the Chili-Cheese Fries and the warmer days of next summer! :)